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3M floor pads are compatible with rotary or automatic machines operating at low speed and different color of 3M pads serve different functions. 

The black color pad is known as the stripping pad that is able to remove old floor finish, dirt and buildup on the floor. 

The red color pad is known as the buffing floor pad that can remove light soil and scuff marks, and is specially design for spray buffing but also can be used to clean when damp and buff when dry.

The white color pad uses as a polishing floor pad for buffing very soft finishes or even polishing of soft waxes on wood floors. 

The green pad is a light-duty scrubbing pad that is specially designed for scrubbing floors prior to burnishing, and can be used for light cleaning. 

With all the different colors, it makes it easy to distinguish this pad from others in your floor care system.

  • Washable, reusable and reversible for incredible longevity

  • Available in 4 different types of color that indicate different usage

  • Available in 4 different sizes: 14”, 16”, 19”, 20”





14" / 16" / 19" / 20"


Black / White / Red

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