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For more than three decades, Akron Chemical has specialized in manufacturing and marketing cleaning chemicals and systems.

The Akron (S) Pte Ltd is a wholly Singaporean owned and based chemicals manufacturing and trading company that begun providing domestic supply of industrial grade chemical products since 1976. Initially specializing in OEM production, as a white label manufacturer our formulations are not only widely used in Singapore but have reached markets of Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia, Maldives and Thailand.

Today, this business originally founded by two Singaporeans has grown to include its own delivery fleet, Singapore based factory, R&D Team and Sales Team to provide tailored chemicals and equipment to businesses ranging from Aerospace, Automotive and Marine applications to F&B, Retail, Hospitality and more,

researching and design of Akron chemicals
Integrity and Sincerity

We believe doing business is about creating long term relationships between our partners. That’s why we devote extensive resources to understanding and anticipating our customer’s needs, to deliver and advise the best options for our clients to enhance their operations.

 “A true partnership is a win-win rather than a winner take all proposition” -- Frank Sonnenberg 

Unique Problems require Unique Solutions

Our team of expert chemists are armed with robust knowledge and over 40 years of practical experience in product development. We pride ourselves in being uniquely able to formulate according to client’s requirements and have created numerous hybrid solutions tailored to resolve unique issues!

 “The problem contains the solution.” -- Michael Bierut 

Quality involves Control that simply works better

Being a trader of raw materials and the originator of many formulations, Akron is in firm control of the source material and production process of our products. With an Akron product, there is minimal oversight we strive to control the process from beginning to end, ensuring in a quality product that simply works better.

 “Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent
direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.” 

 -- William A. Foster 

History of Akron

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